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Certified Secure IP & Services

for a trusted connected world.

Security IP cores, software libraries and expert services to secure integrated circuits at the highest and certified levels of security

What we do

Connected objects are protected and their encrypted communications uncrackable if and only if they integrate hardware secure elements – also called hardware secure enclaves or hardware security modules (HSM) – that are proven to be resistant against all state-of-the-art physical attacks, such as side-channel attacks and perturbation attacks, and logical attacks.

At Tiempo Secure, we deliver secure element IP cores and secure software libraries that are guaranteed to enable Common Criteria EAL5+ or equivalent security certification of any System-on-Chip (SoC) or application processor chip integrating these cores. We partner with software companies to offer complete secure hardware and software solutions for various security OS and applications, such as JavaCard 3.0.5 OS, iSIM, Web authentication, payment, smart car access and vehicle communication, and their corresponding certifications GSMA, FIDO2, EMVCo and V2X HSM.

Major chip manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia have already trusted us by integrating into their design our secure element IP cores for the aforementioned applications, and using our security expert services, including Common Criteria certification lab support, and software configuration of HSM servers for secure chip personalization and firmware programming.

News and events

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