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A versatile solution
for a broad range of applications
Applications Enhanced with Enclave IP

At the heart of Tiempo Secure’s cutting-edge technology lies the TESIC Secure Enclave product family, a versatile IP solution, tailored to cater to the needs of a wide range of markets and applications.

Highly adaptable, the TESIC IP solution can be seamlessly integrated into different SoC environments, providing a customized shield of security.

Here are some of the applications where the TESIC is the ideal solution for enhanced security and performance.

IoT & Mobile


IoT Platform
/ Device


Data Center
/ Cloud / AI



/ Defense

IoT & Mobile Connectivity
The eSIM has gained traction and offers significant benefits over the traditional SIM. iSIMs represent a further evolution and are the future of SIM card technology. The iSIM goes a step further than the eSIM as it is integrated into the SoC directly, alongside the modem and the application processor. This specific type of SoC platform requires an integrated certified IP Secure Enclave to guarantee its compliance with industry security standards (ETSI, Global Platform) and the latest GSMA specifications.

Implementing a Secure Enclave like the TESIC into IoT and mobile devices ensures incomparable levels of protection against unauthorized access and data breaches. The Secure Enclave provides a strengthened environment for sensitive information, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of communication between devices. This results in increased reliability in the interconnected world of IoT, ensuring secure and reliable data exchange.

The TESIC Secure Enclave and provisioning platform cover the complete IP security system, providing chipset developers with a “ready to integrate” end-to-end certifiable solution for their design. This reduces associated integration risks and the time-to-market of the platform for OEMs/module makers.

Secure Transactions
The TESIC’s cryptographic hardware accelerators play a vital role in ensuring efficient and secure cryptographic operations for secure transactions. This not only boosts transactional throughput but also guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial data. Whether for online or card-based payments or digital transactions, the Secure Enclave reinforces the entire payment process, creating a shield against potential cyber-attacks or fraudulent activities.

To safeguard secure transactions and privacy, Near Field Communication (NFC) and new Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technologies require certified Secure Enclaves. The Secure Enclave stores sensitive information, such as payment data, and performs encryption operations to prevent fraud and security attacks. As for UWB, a certified Secure Enclave is required to secure applications such as keyless door opening, precise indoor localization, and all applications requiring secure authentication and reliable data exchanges. The TESIC Secure Enclave fulfills all these requirements while ensuring the security and privacy of transactions and data exchanges, conducted via UWB or NFC technologies.

In the case of secure transactions, the TESIC’s cryptographic hardware accelerators play a vital role in ensuring efficient and secure cryptographic operations. This not only boosts transactional throughput but also guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial data.

IoT Platform / Device
The TESIC Secure Enclave facilitates secure boot processes, ensuring the authenticity of firmware and the secure initialization of IoT devices. This is crucial in preventing unauthorized access or tampering and guaranteeing overall security levels. By providing a certified Secure Enclave, the TESIC enables IoT devices to operate within a trusted environment, protecting their complete ecosystem.

As cybersecurity legislation on a global scale is enforcing more stringent data protection and privacy regulations for digitally connected devices, device manufacturers need to adapt to be compliant. The EU’s Cyber Resilience and Cyber Security Acts are paving the way for equivalent requirements.

The TESIC has a SESIP-certified Secure Enclave to help ensure compliance with these new regulations. Therefore, IoT chipsets that are equipped with the TESIC enhance the overall security and trustworthiness of IoT devices and systems, safeguarding sensitive data, and the execution of critical security functions.

Security and safety are increasingly crucial in the automotive sector due to the increased level of integration of embedded electronic systems in connected and autonomous vehicles. The TESIC Secure Enclave serves as a Hardware Security Module (HSM) for V2X, ensuring secure and tamper-resistant storage of credentials and secrets, cryptographic keys, authentication credentials, and other sensitive data related to vehicle security.
This enhances the overall security of vehicle-to-everything communication protocols, through the provision of hardware-based security features, preventing data manipulation, and tampering with critical vehicle systems, unauthorized access, and vehicle theft. Secure boot and secure debug functionalities further contribute to making the security framework in automotive applications more robust.

Vehicle Security (Secure Communication)

V2X Communication between vehicle components and external systems, such as cloud services, mobile devices, and other vehicles.

Privacy Protection

To protect the privacy of vehicle occupants by securely managing personal data and ensuring that only authorized entities have access to sensitive information.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

For secure software updates ensuring that only authenticated and authorized updates are installed and protection against malicious attacks.

Data Center / Cloud / AI

Data centers, cloud environments, and artificial intelligence applications handle vast amounts of sensitive information. The TESIC Secure Enclave brings a layer of protection by managing secure boot processes and reinforcing security throughout the data processing lifecycle. This is crucial in preventing unauthorized access to critical infrastructure, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data, and mitigating the risks associated with cyber-attacks in cloud-based and AI systems.

With the development of AI technologies inside sensitive applications, the new generation of AI chipsets/processors will require high-end security solutions to protect sensitive models and data. As many AI applications will also involve cloud-based services, where data is sent to remote servers for processing, the TESIC platform is the perfect solution to protect these assets from unauthorized access or tampering. This is achieved while maintaining user privacy and data encryption, ensuring that service providers cannot access the raw data.

TESIC is protected against reverse engineering and helps safeguard data integrity, preventing malicious modifications, which is essential for critical applications in sectors such as defense, healthcare, and automotive. The next generation of infrastructure using cloud computing and endpoint devices (PC, mobile, etc.) will require an integrated security system comprising a Secure Enclave function, a monitoring system, and a supervisory server, with AI-based threat analysis software.

The integration of high-end security features such as TESIC in AI processors is essential for safeguarding models and data and ensuring the overall security, privacy, and reliability of any AI/cloud system, particularly those with stringent security requirements.

Digital Identity
The digitalization of identity documents such as driving licenses and national identification cards requires the transformation of physical documents into safe digital formats that can be used for identification and authentication purposes. This digital transformation process aims to provide individuals with secure and easy access to their identity documents in an electronic format. The use of certified Secure Enclaves is crucial to make this transformation safe and the TESIC Secure Enclave fully meets these specific requirements:

Secure Storage and Encryption

By protecting the sensitive personal information contained in these documents from unauthorized access, tampering, and data breaches.

Standardization Compliant

Enhancing the overall trustworthiness of digital ID documents and integrity with a secure basis for the storage and verification process.

Strong Authentication Process

For users with cryptographic operations, biometric authentication, and secure communication protocols.

Complete Privacy Protection

Helps individuals by securely managing and ensuring the confidentiality of their personal information.

The TESIC Secure Enclave plays a very important role in securing digital identities by offering secure storage for credentials and supporting secure authentication processes. In digital identity applications, this ensures that only authorized users gain access to sensitive information, preventing identity theft and unauthorized use. The Secure Enclave is the foundation for trustworthy digital identity verification, enhancing overall identity security.
Digital Currency
With the current revolution in digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, hardware wallets require a trusted certified secure environment as a crucial feature to enhance the security of the device for users. One of the most critical aspects of a hardware wallet is the secure storage of the private keys that control access to cryptocurrency funds.
In blockchain environments, the TESIC Secure Enclave secures programmable smart contracts for decentralized finance applications. This not only enhances the security of digital assets but also gives confidence to users about the safety of their cryptocurrency holdings.
Aeronautic / Defense
In aeronautic and defense applications, security is critical to protect sensitive information and ensure the proper functioning of mission-critical systems. The TESIC’s certified Secure Enclave provides a secure environment for secure boot, secure debug, and secure communication, contributing to the overall resilience of aeronautic and defense systems. This enhances the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data in high-stake environments, where security is non-negotiable.

High-End Pre-certified Secure Enclave, IP and Services for IC Design and Production


Our TESIC Secure Enclave IP portfolio ensures security with proven resistance to physical and logical attacks. TESIC products include programmable and customizable solutions that enable product designers to seamlessly integrate security solutions that provide the most efficient power, size, and performance.



We guarantee that any SOC that integrates our TESIC Secure Enclave solution will obtain the appropriate security certification from recognized external evaluation laboratories (SESIP, FIPs, PSA Level 3, and Common Criteria). We can provide a comprehensive service to manage the certification process; from liaising with your chosen laboratory, and preparing the required extensive documentation package, to handling the day-to-day project management.



We provide a complete provisioning and key management service. We can interface with your chosen manufacturing site to initially provision your SoC and further manage keys and authenticated firmware from your third-party OS providers, maintaining the chain of trust. This is handled from our (MSSR) Minimum Site Security Requirements Common Criteria EAL6+ audited and certified site in France.



State-of-the-art secure hardware and software, certified IPs, such as Secure Boot, TRNG, SHA-2, SHA-3, PSA Crypto, PQC, AES, ECC, RSA, etc. Our commitment to security begins with an API-first approach, ensuring a robust foundation for seamless, protected interactions.