Tiempo Secure announces TESIC RISC-V Secure Element IP and development kit

Building upon its longstanding expertise in semiconductor design, Tiempo Secure is proud to announce its TESIC RISC-V Secure Element IP, which brings an unprecedented level of security to embedded systems, it is certification-ready for Common Criteria EAL 5+ level, and makes SoC development easy thanks to its integration with the complete RISC-V ecosystem. Tiempo Secure […]

Tiempo Secure becomes a Strategic Member of RISC-V International

As a Strategic member of RISC-V International, Tiempo Secure will secure and integrate processors implementing the RISC-V open standard instruction set architecture (ISA) into its TESIC Secure Element IP, thus easing integration for its customers; in addition, Tiempo Secure will bring its recognized security expertise to the RISC-V community. Grenoble, France – October 11, 2022 – By becoming […]

IP integration is key to V2X

Our day to day experience with automobiles is changing rapidly. More electronics, more automatization are bringing us improved features, security and comfort. The next step is undoubtedly autonomous cars. Experiments are already happening in different parts of the world, and it is now clear that the availability of mass-produced autonomous vehicles (AV) will happen within […]

PP-0117 published and certified

Eurosmart has just published the PP-0117 protection profile, the equivalent for Secure Element IP in a SoC of the well-known PP-0084, called “Security IC Platform Protection Profile.” Eurosmart, the voice of the digital security industry, is committed in promoting the excellence in hardware and software resistance to potential attacks. As such, the industry association builds […]

Secure Element in SoCs: from Slave to Master

In the most classic architecture for IoT objects, developers decide to build their device, from the SoC (System on Chip ) CPU upwards, add the needed peripherals and memory, design the I/O and, at the end of the process, add a Secure Element to benefit from its capacities in key storage, cryptography and more generally […]

Avec le Grand Défi Cyber, Tiempo Secure et le CEA rendent l’Internet des Objets plus robuste

Tiempo Secure, un expert en développement de semiconducteurs sécurisés, a été retenu en collaboration avec le CEA, comme lauréat du Grand Défi Cyber, un projet lancé par le gouvernement en 2020. Son objectif majeur est la cybersécurité, c’est-à-dire de rendre nos systèmes durablement résilients aux cyberattaques. La participation au Grand Défi Cyber apporte un précieux […]