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Tiempo Secure and Menta announce strategic partnership to enhance security solutions

Montbonnot & Valbonne, France – July 2nd, 2024, Tiempo Secure and Menta partner to provide a uniquely flexible, certified, embedded Secure Enclave – eFPGA IP solution. Tiempo Secure, a leading provider of high-end secure IP semiconductor solutions, and Menta, a recognized leader in embedded FPGA IPs for SoC, ASIC, or ASSP design, proudly announce a […]

Tiempo Secure – CryptoNext Security partnership, bringing High-End Post-Quantic IP Security innovation to the next level.

Montbonnot & Paris, France – April 10, 2024, CryptoNext Security, recognized as a key innovator in post-quantum cryptographic technologies, and Tiempo Secure, a leading provider of high-end secure IP semiconductor solutions, proudly announce a unique innovation partnership, aimed at providing cutting-edge post-quantum security solutions. Leveraging their combined expertise in post-quantum software and secure hardware cryptography, […]

L’innovation en IP de Sécurité haut de gamme Post-Quantique prend une nouvelle dimension grâce au partenariat Tiempo Secure – CryptoNext Security

Montbonnot & Paris, France – le 10 avril, 2024, CryptoNext Security, entreprise renommée pour l’innovation dans le domaine des technologies cryptographiques post-quantique, et Tiempo Secure, fournisseur incontournable de solutions d’IP de sécurité haut de gamme pour l’industrie des semiconducteurs, sont fiers d’annoncer un partenariat unique, ayant pour objectif de fournir de nouvelles solutions de sécurité […]

Tiempo Secure’s TESIC RISC-V IP Secure Element successfully characterized on GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX technology node

Grenoble, France – March 12, 2024 – Tiempo Secure’s certified TESIC RISC-V Secure Element was implemented in GlobalFoundries’ (GF) 22FDX® platform with MRAM, after a rigorous characterization process. The Secure Element also passed the CC EAL5+ AVA_VAN.5 security assessment testing with the ITSEF SERMA laboratory. GF’s industry-leading 22FDX (22nm FD-SOI) platform boasts an ultra-low power […]

Tiempo Secure’s Unique IP Expertise Required to Secure First Post Quantum Sovereignty Chip

Grenoble, France – December 21, 2023 – Tiempo Secure is proud to announce that we were selected to work on the µPQRS (Post Quantum, Secure, Resilient, and Sovereign Security Microprocessor) project, sponsored by the French State. Cybersecurity plays a key role in Europe’s economic security at the advent of new post-quantum challenges for attack protection. […]

La Première Puce Souveraine Post Quantique Sécuriséegrâce au Bloc d’IP Embarqué de Tiempo Secure

Grenoble, France – le 21 décembre 2023 – Tiempo Secure est fière d’annoncer que la société a été sélectionnée pour travailler sur le projet µPQRS (Microprocesseur de Sécurité Post Quantique, Résilient et Souverain) qui est sponsorisé par l’État français. La cybersécurité est au cœur des préoccupations de la sécurité économique européenne, et ceci à l’aube […]

Tiempo Secure’s new TESIC RISC-V IP successfully passes SERMA CC EAL5+ security assessment tests

Tiempo Secure’s new TESIC RISC-V IP successfully passes SERMA CC EAL5+ security assessment tests Tiempo Secure’s latest TESIC design, a Secure Element targeting applications such as iSIM, eSE, Payment, UWB, Digital ID, IoT security and Mobile Application Processors, has successfully passed SERMA CC EAL5+ AVA VAN.5 security testing, further demonstrating Tiempo’s unique security expertise. Grenoble, France […]