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Is a great place to work

we do

Tiempo Secure is a French Deeptech Cybersecurity Enabler and we design IP solutions and key secure enclaves for strategic embedded security systems, for applications in the fields of IoT & Mobile Connectivity, AI, Automotive, Secure Transactions, Digital Currency & Identity, and Aeronautic/Defense. Internationally recognized, our mission is to create a trusted connected world by ensuring that our technologically advanced security solutions are inside the chips of all connected devices. If you like fast-paced high-tech environments and want to be part of a unique innovation-driven adventure, Tiempo Secure is the company for you !

All about people

The foundation of every successful company is based on the teams that it’s made up of and Tiempo Secure is no exception to that. Our teams are comprised of a diversity of international profiles, including embedded hardware and software engineers, and experts in the fields of certification, IT, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. Our engineering teams cover a wide scope of disciplines including design & verification, embedded software, cryptography, and security. We are human-centric, and our employees and their contributions are key to our progression. We are true to our company values and committed to creating an inclusive environment where the well-being of our employees is one of our top priorities. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Our employees tell the story best !

Why small
is big

At Tiempo Secure, we have the energy and adventure of a start- up and the expertise and solidity of a scale-up. We are a clear example of how Small is Big. Our employees benefit from the advantages of a small organizational structure while working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Individuals easily benefit from each other’s know-how, while leveraging interdisciplinary projects to develop their skills. We believe that our teams gain enormously from the simplicity of interactions which is made possible by the size of the company. The close-knit nature of relationships contributes to overall well-being and personal development while creating genuine friendships among employees.

Not all work and no play

At Tiempo Secure, we promote a healthy work-life balance, and our employees enjoy flexitime and additional holidays. We are privileged to be located at the heart of the French Alps, in a green area, which proves very advantageous to our sporty teams all year round. Our employees play on and off the pitch together and there are many opportunities for new recruits to join in the recreational and social activities that take place during lunchtime and after work. The company also organizes special events during the year which is the opportunity to strengthen informal relations between management and employees.

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