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Who we are

Tiempo Secure is a leading French DeepTech company, specialized in the design of IP solutions and key secure elements, for strategic embedded security systems (IoT, Mobile, Automotive, Medical, Payment, Defense, Smart Grid…). Located near Grenoble and the French Alps, we are part of the high-tech ecosystem at the heart of Inovallée. Our user-driven innovation mindset and our strong international customer base are key to our success. Backed by private investment companies, in a very dynamic cybersecurity market, we are growing fast to secure the ever-increasing number of connected devices. Our communications tools will soon reflect this positive transformation strategy.

Why join the Tiempo team?

If you are looking to give more essence to what you are doing, while developing advanced certified chip designs, hand-in-hand with some of the biggest players in the industry, you should be applying for this job. If you are looking for the freedom to constantly interact with other embedded engineering disciplines – both hardware and software – you’re going to greatly gain from our work environment. We are an equal opportunities employer, and we believe that individuals that join our company are experts in their field.

What you will be doing

You will be responsible for the specification and development of the secure embedded software inside Tiempo’s products. More specifically, you will define the best software architecture for implementing robust and certifiable root-of-trust.

Education level

Graduate from an engineering school or MS degree in computer science or cryptography

Experience level

  • A minimum of 6 years in secure embedded software development
  • Experience in technical leadership

Hard skills

  • Secure system architecture (smartcard, secure element, TPM)
  • Embedded software architecture
  • Knowledge of software attacks (e.g., buffer overflow, ROP) and possible countermeasures
  • Good understanding and experience of SCA and state-of-the-art faults attacks
  • English proficiency

Nice to have

  • Secure operating systems, security certification processes, secure product life-cycle management, hardware threat analysis, SoC architectures, cryptography

Soft skills

  • Natural team player who works well in collaborative environments
  • Active listener with critical thinking skills
  • Think out-of-the-box type problem solver
  • Flexible and willing to quickly adapt to situations
  • Good task management capabilities

What we’re offering?

A competitive salary based on experience level, health insurance, & bonus scheme


Inovallée, Montbonnot Saint Martin, France (other locations can also be considered)

Starting date


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