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IP integration is key to V2X

Our day to day experience with automobiles is changing rapidly. More electronics, more automatization are bringing us improved features, security and comfort. The next step is undoubtedly autonomous cars. Experiments are already happening in different parts of the world, and it is now clear that the availability of mass-produced autonomous vehicles (AV) will happen within […]

PP-0117 published and certified

Eurosmart has just published the PP-0117 protection profile, the equivalent for Secure Element IP in a SoC of the well-known PP-0084, called “Security IC Platform Protection Profile.” Eurosmart, the voice of the digital security industry, is committed in promoting the excellence in hardware and software resistance to potential attacks. As such, the industry association builds […]

Secure Element in SoCs: from Slave to Master

In the most classic architecture for IoT objects, developers decide to build their device, from the SoC (System on Chip ) CPU upwards, add the needed peripherals and memory, design the I/O and, at the end of the process, add a Secure Element to benefit from its capacities in key storage, cryptography and more generally […]

Avec le Grand Défi Cyber, Tiempo Secure et le CEA rendent l’Internet des Objets plus robuste

Tiempo Secure, un expert en développement de semiconducteurs sécurisés, a été retenu en collaboration avec le CEA, comme lauréat du Grand Défi Cyber, un projet lancé par le gouvernement en 2020. Son objectif majeur est la cybersécurité, c’est-à-dire de rendre nos systèmes durablement résilients aux cyberattaques. La participation au Grand Défi Cyber apporte un précieux […]

Payment becomes seamless thanks to EMVCo SoC

The payment revolution is here: forget about banknotes, cheques and credit cards! We want now to be able to pay anywhere anytime. Payment is no longer to be an important event but is becoming a part of the flow of all our actions in our daily lives. Consequently, payment may no longer be limited to […]

iMRC : Keep control of your IoT network

Keep control of your IoT network! Connected objects have become an entry point for cyber-attacks. Good news is… CEA Leti and CEA List work with Tiempo Secure to develop a new type of IoT component that detects attacks and takes back control of the system. WATCH THE VIDEO to discover this new 4-in-1 new cybersecurity solution.

Tiempo Secure CEO’s presentation on hardware secure enclaves for SoCs

The conference “Hardware secure enclaves: why are they critical for IoT security and what is coming next?” given by Serge Maginot during the Minalogic Business Meetings on May 27th, 2021, is now available. Click on the video below or watch it on Serge Maginot’s conference includes essential information about Secure Elements and how they […]

Optimization in performance and cost comes with iSIM

SIM cards have been around for several decades, they have been instrumental is setting up mobile communication, but the ongoing expansion of IoT applications leads to reaching their limits as changing to a new SIM card every time a mobile object goes through a border or needs to be upgraded, is, to say the least, […]