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Security Certification Guaranteed for Your Platform

Tiempo Secure does not just meet standard regulations; we provide support for the complete certification process, for devices that integrate our IP, with accredited security laboratories and international bodies.

Our range of IP products has already achieved multiple certifications with different certification bodies, demonstrating our track record in meeting rigorous industry standards. Our premium certification package facilitates achieving certification to the targeted standard.

As your trusted partner, your platform’s certification success is not just our commitment – it is part of our proven track record.

Tailored Certification Packages
for All Your Needs​

Our tailored certification packages offer continuous support, guiding you smoothly through the certification process for Common Criteria, FIPS, SESIP, PSA, and EMVCo.

These packages include:


FIPS 140-3




Navigating Certification
Expert Guidance to Guarantee Your Platform’s Security
Understanding Your Environment

Tiempo Secure's experts work closely with you to understand the evolving landscape of your final product.

Identifying Appropriate Standards

We thoroughly assess and recommend the best suited certification standard for your specific needs.

Determining Optimal Security Levels

We identify and establish the highest security levels tailored to your specific needs, ensuring alignment with the recommended certification standard.

You can leverage Tiempo Secure’s collaborative approach to guide you through the certification process, ensuring a ease compliance with the required standards for your product.

Certification with Tiempo Secure

Your Direct Path to Success

As certification experts, we will guide you through the whole certification process. We take charge, and minimize the amount of information we request from you, apart from the essential technical details.

Our Premium Certification Package
for Tiempo Secure IP Includes:

We Make Your Life Easy!

Simply provide us with the main details,
and let Tiempo Secure take care of the rest.

Your Partners Can Leverage
Your Certification

By leveraging our customers’ existing certification, their partners and third parties can benefit from a composite product certification (comprising a Tiempo Secure Element and third-party software). This saves time and resources while navigating the certification process more efficiently.

Tiempo Secure provides:

Comprehensive Support

Through workshops and training, we guide your clients in the composite certification process, security guidelines, and the secure integration of their products into yours.

Security Assurance

Tiempo Secure provides all necessary security documentation for their evaluation, ensuring a robust and secure integration.

Liaison Services

We act as the interface with your clients’ laboratory during the evaluation process of your certified product.

Optimized Performance

We streamline and enhance the performance integration of your clients’ products with your certified platform, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration.

High-End Pre-Certified Secure Element, IP and Services for IC Design and Production


Our TESIC Secure Enclave IP portfolio ensures security with proven resistance to physical and logical attacks. TESIC products include programmable and customizable solutions that enable product designers to seamlessly integrate security solutions that provide the most efficient power, size, and performance.



We provide a complete provisioning and key management service. We can interface with your chosen manufacturing site to initially provision your SoC and further manage keys and authenticated firmware from your third-party OS providers, maintaining the chain of trust. This is handled from our (MSSR) Minimum Site Security Requirements Common Criteria EAL6+ audited and certified site in France.



State-of-the-art secure hardware and software, certified IPs, such as Secure Boot, TRNG, SHA-2, SHA-3, PSA Crypto PQC, AES, ECC, RSA, etc. Our commitment to security begins with an API-first approach, ensuring a robust foundation for seamless, protected interactions.