Our mission and business model


Tiempo Secure makes end-users’ interaction with contactless services more convenient and secure, allowing its clients to differentiate themselves through innovation and performance.
We enable our clients to purchase secure microcontrollers having higher performance and higher security. To deliver these benefits, we rely on our unique expertise in product design and qualification, security, and business operations.
We also contribute to our clients margin optimization thanks to an efficient and cost effective supply chain model.

Business model

Smart security environment

Today’s digital society is undergoing a transformation.  Security protocols based on ID and password are no longer sufficient.  Smart security technologies are now spreading out to more applications, including contactless transactions, mobile payment, trusted access, transport, identification, and connected devices.

Consumers and citizens expect technology to protect them against fraud, while also delivering more convenience in their interaction with the digital world.  For instance, while more contactless devices are being deployed in the field, users are expecting faster and safer transactions.

Tiempo Secure was created to facilitate this interaction without compromising on security.

What makes Tiempo Secure different

  • We design and qualify products with greater performance, better efficiency and higher security
  • Our supply chain is built around trusted partners with a solid track-record dealing with smart security requirements 
  • We focus and build our expertise on high value applications, including dual-interface transactions, e-document, mobile payment and open loop for transit fare

Competitive advantages 

Speed and efficiency

These are key success factors for contactless transactions.  Problems with RF field quality, antenna size, reader distance — any of these — can lead to unacceptably high rates of failure.  We are committed to enabling secure products with greater performance in contactless mode; we guarantee higher efficiency and robustness of the transaction, without compromising either on speed nor on security.

Increased security

Due to our unique technology, our products have demonstrated better resistance to security attacks, especially side channel and fault injection attacks

Supply chain quality

We have carefully selected our strategic partners to ensure customer full satisfaction regarding security chain, time to market , price competitiveness and customer responsiveness

Faster path to finer processes

Our technology allows a much faster and more efficient path to finer process, so our customers can keep their competitive advantages for the longer term