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Addressing your SoC design security architecture needs

As SoC design becomes more complicated due to increasingly complex platform architectures, it is important to have access to experts to help you make the right design decisions on time.

At Tiempo Secure, we understand how critical it is for SoC designers to make the right choice of solution for the embedded security for their platform at the early design stage. This enables them to take account of the specifics around sizing, security level, and use case. As experts in the sector, we provide a comprehensive security consulting service to help SoC designers make the right choice of IP and plan the successful build of their product. We have built on our knowledge and expert know-how in IP Security design over the last 17 years and have helped the biggest semiconductor companies select and size the right security solutions for their chips.

We accompany our customers and partners over the full life cycle of their projects and ensure optimal integration, cost, and performance of the proposed solutions. As a premium solution provider, we also offer a unique certification evaluation service to complete the support package.

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High-End Pre-Certified Secure Enclave, IP and Services for IC Design and Production


Our TESIC Secure Enclave IP portfolio ensures security with proven resistance to physical and logical attacks. TESIC products include programmable and customizable solutions that enable product designers to seamlessly integrate security solutions that provide the most efficient power, size, and performance.



We guarantee that any SOC that integrates our TESIC Secure Enclave solution will obtain the appropriate security certification from recognized external evaluation laboratories (SESIP, FIPs, PSA Level 3, and Common Criteria). We can provide a comprehensive service to manage the certification process; from liaising with your chosen laboratory, and preparing the required extensive documentation package, to handling the day-to-day project management.



We provide a complete provisioning and key management service. We can interface with your chosen manufacturing site to initially provision your SoC and further manage keys and authenticated firmware from your third-party OS providers, maintaining the chain of trust. This is handled from our (MSSR) Minimum Site Security Requirements Common Criteria EAL6+ audited and certified site in France.



State-of-the-art secure hardware and software, certified IPs, such as Secure Boot, TRNG, SHA-2, SHA-3, PSA Crypto, PQC, AES, ECC, RSA, etc. Our commitment to security begins with an API-first approach, ensuring a robust foundation for seamless, protected interactions.