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Over 17 years of expertise in embedded security design and certification
Pioneering Embedded Security Solutions
Tiempo Secure’s quest is to provide silicon vendors with the highest standards of certified Security IP technically possible to increase the level of security in their SoC platforms. From the very beginning, its unique certification expertise evolved in response to new standards and legislation to encompass both existing and future cybersecurity challenges. 17 years later, Tiempo Secure is an unrivaled pioneer in embedded security IP for strategic markets and applications and innovation remains one of the key drivers behind its success.
Company Founding
Tiempo Secure was founded in 2007 by two French engineers; Serge Maginot, and Marc Renaudin, respectively former Director of R&D with Synopsys Inc. and Professor at Grenoble INP, and Head of Research at TIMA Laboratory. Initially focusing their efforts on developing a solution for innovative clockless design, the co-founders rapidly redirected their efforts towards secure designs, and specifically secure microcontroller chip designs, for secure payment and identity applications in the smartcard industry.
First Generation of Secure Enclaves
In 2018, significant evolutions in a volatile semi-conductor market led Serge and Marc to investigate new business opportunities for their proprietary IP technology. With the growing importance of cybersecurity, they identified a gap in the market for the provision of advanced SoC security solutions, at the IP level, for strategic applications. This resulted in the drawing up of the first generation of Secure Enclave IPs of the TESIC family.
Company Repositioning Strategy
2022 was a turning point for Tiempo Secure from a governance point of view, with the creation of an extended Management Team, to develop and reposition the company as a high-end IP technology provider. An international marketing department was created, and a new customer-oriented organization and strategy was established.

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