Product design and certification

Product definition

  • We define products based on latest market data, industry standards and on customers’ technical and economic requirements.
  • We partner with a lead customer through a cooperative project where the silicon foundry is involved from the beginning.

Product design

  • The chip design starts after the review of key metrics, including product specification, packaging, electrical test and pricing.
  • We use the silicon proven TESIC secure platform and software development kit, and we proceed to prototype manufacturing after all design validations are completed


  • The back-end operations are performed in cooperation with the silicon foundry or its partner
  • It includes the test program and all engineering tools required for product qualification.


  • Prototypes are used to perform all preliminary tests before production: product performance, fault analysis, debugging, reliability, yield management…
  • Once all tests are completed, the product is then characterized to ensure yield stability
  • Finally, the volume production will start, and we continue to monitor yield in cooperation with the silicon foundry