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A fully certified provisioning solution

Our provisioning service sets-up the whole secure provisioning flow: from the wafer at the manufacturing plant to the chip integrated in the final product at the ODM. The Root of Trust is securely established and security is maintained to the final product in the end users hands, key material is securely handled whether in the device or within our HSM at our secure site.

We liaise with our customer’s OSAT manufacturing partner to set up a completely secure provisioning flow, to securely configure their SoC with the necessary secrets and keys for their specific application.

Single SKU through secured firmware loading at OEM/ODM

Using a single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) streamlines inventory management and operations while being more cost-effective. It represents a robust solution that increases the security level of device provisioning.

Secure management of HSMs and keys at our EAL6+ certified site

We provide the highest security protection levels to our customers with our HSMs at our EAL6+ audited and certified MSSR site, in France. We guarantee the safety, authenticity, and integrity of their data.

Liaising with OSATs to integrate secure device provisioning with production testing

We ensure the smooth operation of the testing and provisioning of the Secure Enclave at the OSAT's facility.

Management of 3rd party key material and secrets (e.g. OS Vendors)

We manage 3rd party key material and secrets from secure software vendors, assuring security and offering flexibility.

Management of key diversity

We can enable key diversity, applying security policies and limiting security risks, including any danger posed by potential security breaches

Secure Provisioning Process

How It Works

The provisioning service provides the following:

High-End Pre-Certified Secure Enclave, IP and Services for IC Design and Production


Our TESIC Secure Enclave IP portfolio ensures security with proven resistance to physical and logical attacks. TESIC products include programmable and customizable solutions that enable product designers to seamlessly integrate security solutions that provide the most efficient power, size, and performance.



We guarantee that any SOC that integrates our TESIC Secure Enclave solution will obtain the appropriate security certification from recognized external evaluation laboratories (SESIP, FIPs, PSA Level 3, and Common Criteria). We can provide a comprehensive service to manage the certification process; from liaising with your chosen laboratory, and preparing the required extensive documentation package, to handling the day-to-day project management.



State-of-the-art secure hardware and software, certified IPs, such as Secure Boot, TRNG, SHA-2, SHA-3, PSA Crypto, PQC, AES, ECC, RSA, etc. Our commitment to security begins with an API-first approach, ensuring a robust foundation for seamless, protected interactions.