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Secure design services

We offer expert-level design and security services to secure customer designs from architectural level to design hardening against physical attacks (side-channel and perturbation/fault attacks), including chip designs with third-party security IP

Our secure design experts advice our customers on a security strategy starting at system and architectural levels, enhance the security of customer designs and blocks, design secure customer-specific blocks, and harden customer designs against physical attacks (side-channel and perturbation/fault attacks).

We perform such services on customer designs including TESIC IP and/or third-party security IP.

Secure architecture

  • Definition of security strategy at all design levels: system, HW, SW, physical
  • Definition of secure chip architecture
  • Analysis and enhancement of the security of pre-existing chip architectures

Secure design

  • Enhance security level of overall system
  • Design of secure customer-specific blocks
  • Integration of security IP

Security hardening for certification

  • Goal is to target specific security certifications (e.g., Common Criteria EAL5+ PP0117, EMVCo, FIPS 140-3) or to achieve certain security targets at the application level (e.g., GSMA-SAS, PP V2X HSM)
  • Integration of physical security sensors

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