Smart Insights news on Tiempo Secure

14 Nov 2013

Tiempo launches Tiempo Secure business unit

Tiempo just announced the creation of Tiempo Secure, a dedicated Business Unit whose mission is to design and qualify secure products for high value applications. After spending several years in R&D, the company is now able to propose secure microcontroller products for applications such as dual-interface banking, e-document, open loop transit fare and mobile payment.

Tiempo Secure develops and qualifies high end products to address critical applications requiring faster transaction time, robustness against the environment and higher security.

Tiempo Secure offers a family of secure microcontrollers built around TESIC, a silicon-proven IP platform including a proprietary clockless microcontroller and several clockless crypto-processors. This family of products targets various secure applications such as dual-interface smart cards for banking transactions, fare transit and ticketing, secured identification documents, secure elements for mobiles, and DRM applications.

TESIC-SC designates a set of flash-based dual-interface secure chips. These chips include embedded flash in different sizes and target dual-interface banking, open loop transit fare and e-government documents. Tiempo Secure guarantees its dual-interface chips to execute any transaction at higher speed and with higher robustness, without compromising on security.

Tiempo is known for its clockless and delay insensitive technology, based on asynchronous communication. The company has initiated a collaborative project called “ASMART” with several partners including Gemalto, LFoundry, and CEA-LETI to develop an innovative smart card chip prototype (cf. SIW #13-18). Tiempo says its asynchronous circuits offer unmatched benefits for secure transactions, such as very high hardware resistance to side channel and perturbation attacks as well as a natural adaptability to the energy-constrained context of contactless smart cards, always delivering maximum processing speed under limited and variable power budget.

Thierry Spanjaard
Smart Insights – November 14, 2013 – Issue 13-46