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TESIC EMVCo guarantees safe, secure and reliable payment solutions for wearables, tokens and smartcards

Today consumers expect payments to be convenient, easy to use, and accessible – anytime, anywhere, anyhow. In addition to the use of contactless smartcards and smartphones, contactless payment with wearables (watches or other devices) is becoming very popular.

TESIC EMVCo is ready for EMVCo certification and meets the highest security requirements of the payment industry. NFC-based transactions meet even the fastest transaction requirements (below 300ms) for public transport.

Being directly integrated into the SoC, TESIC EMVCo reduces the power consumption of wearables drastically, and leads to a significantly longer battery life-time of consumer devices.

Hardware features

  • TESIC secure element IP
  • Certified/Certification ready for
    • CC EAL5+ PP0117
    • EMVCo
    • FIPS 140-3

Software features

  • JavaCard OS 3.0.5
  • Global Platform 2.3.1
  • MasterCard / VISA payment application
  • PBoC (People’s Bank of China)
    payment application – customized on request

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