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TESIC JavaCard 3.0.5 OS

TESIC JavaCard 3.0.5 is a government grade, interoperable execution platform for high secure applications, such as payment and identification/authentication

TESIC JavaCard 3.0.5 manages multiple applications on a single resource-constrained device, while retaining the highest certification levels, such as CC EAL5+ PP0117, EMVCo, and FIPS 140-3. 

JavaCard & GlobalPlatform have secured 20+ billions of SIMs, national eIDs, biometric passports and EMV payment cards since 2003.

Comprehensive IoT security services include secure boot, trusted execution environment, device integrity, confidentiality & authentication, data analytics, secure update, root of trust, data at rest and data in motion.

Hardware features

  • TESIC secure element IP
  • Certified/Certification ready for
    • CC EAL5+ PP0117
    • EMVCo
    • FIPS 140-3

Software features

  • JavaCard 3.0.5 OS
  • Global Platform 2.3.1
  • Support of third-party JavaCard approved applications

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