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TESIC iSIM is TESIC CC EAL5+ PP0117 proven/certification-ready secure element IP delivered with a CC EAL4+ PP0089 GSMA proven/certification ready iSIM software

iSIM is the most advanced version of SIM technology that moves the SIM chip from a card form factor (micro or nano SIM) or a separate chip (eSIM) into a dedicated silicon area inside the System-on-Chip (SoC) including the application processor and/or the cellular modem.

iSIM advantages over other SIM form factors are significant and include higher security, lower area, cheaper product and lower power consumption.

TESIC iSIM includes a CC EAL4+ PP0089 GSMA and ETSI SIM compliant iSIM software ported on TESIC CC EAL5+ PP0117 proven/certification-ready secure element IP, ready for integration into customer SoC.

Hardware features

  • TESIC secure element IP
  • Certified/Certification ready for
    • CC EAL5+ PP0117
    • EMVCo
    • FIPS 140-3

Software features

  • iSIM software stack
  • Compliant with CC EAL4+ PP0089 GSMA protection profile and ETSI SIM specifications

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