Asynchronous design technology


  • Clockless => no clock at all
  • Quasi-Delay Insensitive (QDI) => logic function guaranteed regardless of any timing variation
  • Dual-rail 4-phase logic






  • Immune to delay/energy variations, therefore ideal for applications requiring robust processing under tough environmental conditions
  • QDI logic allows chips to operate at maximum speed with respect to available energy, therefore is ideal for contactless applications (remote power source, variable energy)
  • Enables designing more efficient hardware security countermeasures
  • Enables easier migration to finer/advanced processes (55 nm and below)


  • Availability of an automated asynchronous logic synthesis tool and complete asynchronous design flow, complementary to industry-standard design flows and developed by Tiempo
  • Used by several semiconductor companies on advanced processes

 schema Asynchronous design technology

Competitive advantages

  • Speed
  • Robustness
  • Security
  • Easy path to finer/more advanced process