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Cutting-edge security solution for SoC / ASIC

High-End Pre-certified Secure Enclave IP

The importance of cybersecurity for embedded systems is constantly increasing with the expanding requirements for electronic identities, secure communication, increasing connectivity, and the increasing number of connected devices.
Our TESIC Secure Enclaves – also known as Secure Element, Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) and Root of Trust (RoT), ensure and offer secure sub-systems to protect against various forms of physical and logical attacks, ensuring the integrity and security of the overall system which is critical in IoT, automotive, cellular communications and for other sensitive applications. TESIC products include programmable and customizable solutions corresponding to customer-specific requirements:
Our product designs enable seamless integration of security solutions without requiring deep security expertise. They allow chipset designers to create secure solutions while achieving the most efficient combination of power, size, and performance, and still protect sensitive information, processing, and all critical functions. We also offer pre-certified TESIC secure enclave IP solutions that have reached the highest certified standards in the security industry (SESIP, FIPs, or Common Criteria EAL5+/EAL6+), to provide chipset providers with the guarantee of obtaining complete certification of their platform. No matter which vertical market or application is targeted, the TESIC product range adheres to all standard security certification schemes. Our TESIC IP solutions are also fully compliant with functional safety ISO 26262 ASIL B & D for automotive SoC designs.
Use Case Examples
Cellular Connectivity

World’s first GSMA and Common Criteria certified solution supporting multiple Java Card OS SIM providers for iSIM/eSIM applications.

Payment & Identity

Full certified secure element IP supporting all the cryptographic operations, adapted to an embedded secure element solution and compliant with the lastest EMVCo / ICAO specifications.

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallets

Secure Vault providing a tamper resistant platform for secure storage of cryptocurrencies.

FIDO2 Web Authentication

Fulfills the role of secure FIDO Authenticator.

HSM Protocols

Secure container which operates as the HSM for V2X, IA, Data center, providing secure, tamper resistant storage of credentials and other secrets.

Smart Access

Fully compliant with CCC car consortium specification and adapted to provide credential storage services to to enable secure car access or access control system.

Secure Boot

Complete solution to verify the authenticity of the processor firmware and manage the initialization and booting process of an application processor.

Secure Firmware Updates

Check signatures and authenticity of uploaded application processor firmware updates.

Secure Debug

Monitor and control debugging access.

Secure Storage

Support data protection services, providing integrity, authenticity and confidentiality protection.

Secure Communication (Protocols)

Ensure security of access from the exterior, for example ISO7816, JTAG, SWD, UART.

Cryptographic Accelerator and Key Store

Provide cryptographic and security services to an application processor with isolation from direct access to keys, operating in an isolated execution environment for security.

TESIC IP Family Portfolio
Tiempo Secure provides a wide selection of Secure Enclave options tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs. Customized to specific requirements, TESIC ensures proven security, efficiency, and performance across a wide range of applications.
The TESIC Secure Enclave is versatile and can be used in an extensive range of applications and markets. Customized to meet specific needs, it ensures optimal security, efficiency, and performance.

IoT & Mobile


IoT Platform
/ Device


Data Center
/ Cloud / AI



/ Defense

Complete Solution for Security Services

Leveraging our extensive experience in security and certification, we offer expert guidance on aligning your SoC with the required security standards, facilitating the certification process to meet MSSR (Minimum Site Security Requirements) for your site.

Certification Services

We guarantee that any SOC that integrates our TESIC Secure Enclave solution will obtain the appropriate security certification from recognized external evaluation laboratories (SESIP, FIPs, PSA Level 3, and Common Criteria). We can provide a comprehensive service to manage the certification process; from liaising with your chosen laboratory, and preparing the required extensive documentation package, to handling the day-to-day project management.


Secure Provisioning

We provide a complete provisioning and key management service. We can interface with your chosen manufacturing site to initially provision your SoC and further manage keys and authenticated firmware from your third-party OS providers, maintaining the chain of trust. This is handled from our (MSSR) Minimum Site Security Requirements Common Criteria EAL6+ audited and certified site in France.

Secure Solution
with RISC-V

As an official RISC-V Strategic Partner, we specialize in delivering secure and robust solutions based on RISC-V architecture.

TESIC Secure Enclave plays an important role in transforming products into secure devices, adding the required, certifiable, robust security features.