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Tiempo Secure and Menta announce strategic partnership to enhance security solutions

Montbonnot & Valbonne, France – July 2nd, 2024, Tiempo Secure and Menta partner to provide a uniquely flexible, certified, embedded Secure Enclave – eFPGA IP solution.

Tiempo Secure, a leading provider of high-end secure IP semiconductor solutions, and Menta, a recognized leader in embedded FPGA IPs for SoC, ASIC, or ASSP design, proudly announce a unique innovation partnership, aimed at providing a cutting-edge, flexible, certified, Secure Enclave – eFPGA security IP solution. Leveraging their combined expertise in embedded FPGA and secure hardware cryptography, they are developing something extraordinarily new for the market from a security, flexibility, and certification perspective and as an additional response to the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act and the US’s Cyber Trust Mark. The scope of applications covered by the solution includes SoC, HSM, Digital Authentication, and Aerospace.

Part of the uniqueness of this new combined security IP solution lies in its increased functionality and cryptographic algorithm agility, enabling updating after tape-out and even in the field, to counter evolving cyber threats. SoC manufacturers will benefit from unparalleled flexibility, and third-party software providers can leverage the RISC-V CPU to facilitate software development. By adding an eFPGA core to the cryptographic engine, the TESIC-510 FPGA Secure Enclave IP provides the highest level of security available through Common Criteria EAL5+ certified cryptographic libraries, coupled with algorithmic flexibility and performance.

“We are very enthusiastic about the new augmented solution that our collaboration with Menta will enable us to bring to the market. The innovative approach brings unique added value to chipset vendors. They can manage the security of their platform during the entire product life cycle, including in the field, while taking account of their end customers’ requirements“, commented Mikaël Dubreucq – Tiempo Secure’s VP Global Sales & Marketing.

“We are very excited about today’s announcement because of the innovation opportunities that this partnership enables and because it brings together two key IP experts with complementary product offerings. Our unique eFPGA-Secure Enclave solution is the best solution for our customers to de-risk cryptography for now and the future”, added Yoan Dupret – Menta’s Managing Director & CTO.

More details can be found in our data sheet, available on request from

About Tiempo Secure
Tiempo Secure is a French Deeptech Cybersecurity Enabler specializing in the design of IP solutions and key secure enclaves for strategic embedded security systems, for applications in the fields of IoT & Mobile Connectivity, AI, Automotive, Secure Transactions, Digital Currency & Identity, and Aeronautic. Located near Grenoble and the French Alps, Tiempo is part of the high-tech ecosystem at the heart of Inovallée. Its user-driven innovation mindset and strong international customer base are key to its success. Backed by private investment companies, in a very dynamic cybersecurity market, the company is growing fast to secure the ever-increasing number of connected devices.

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About Menta
Menta is a privately held company based in Sophia-Antipolis (France). Menta is a proven pioneer of eFPGA for ASIC and SoC designers seeking speed, accuracy, performance, and efficiency. eFPGA’s adaptable architecture, based on design-adaptive standard cells-based and a state-of-the-art tool set, provides the highest degree of design customization, best-in-class testability, and fastest time- of-volume for SoC design at any foundry. As the leader in eFPGA IPs, Menta embodies excellence in innovation, offering customizable solutions of exceptional reliability. At Menta, our commitment is simple: to offer companies the opportunity to integrate digital solutions tailored precisely to their specific needs.

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For Tiempo Secure:
Daphne Bouget – Tel: +33 7 89 64 77 13

For Menta :
Alena Shiltova – Tel: +33 7 83 24 94 96

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