Tiempo Secure and SP-Tek partner to deliver EMV chips with open operating system

27 Apr 2015

Tiempo Secure and SP-Tek are combining their skills in semiconductor and operating system development to propose a full offer delivering security, speed, and flexibility to support secure EMV transactions.

Grenoble, France and Seoul, Korea – April 27, 2015 – Tiempo Secure, a semiconductor specialist focusing on high-end secure products, is partnering with SP-Tek (Secure Platforms Technology Co., Ltd.), a developer of multi-application smart card chip operating systems based on open platforms, to bring to the market smart card chips equipped with the JavaCard OS. Their combined offer is especially targeting smart card manufacturers in the Americas, who are supporting the current migration from magnetic stripe to EMV smart cards.

Tiempo Secure’s dual-interface secure microcontroller TESIC-SC is built around the company’s patented asynchronous design technology. As Tiempo Secure’s chips are clockless, they bring additional security and a faster execution speed, especially in contactless mode, because they can adapt dynamically according to the strength of RF communication. Thanks to faster speed and higher security, Tiempo Secure’s TESIC-SC is ideally suited to develop EMV payment applications.

SP-Tek is a technology intensive company founded by a group of kernel engineers and cryptography specialists. As a true believer in the potential of open platform technologies, SP-Tek has developed a JavaCard based operating system fully compatible with GlobalPlatform standards.

Tiempo Secure’s TESIC-SC chip, together with SP-Tek’s JavaCard EMV operating system, will be submitted for EMVCo certification early 2016 and be commercially available soon after.

Serge Maginot, CEO, Tiempo Secure, stated: “SP-Tek has built a strong track record in delivering its JavaCard based operating system to multiple markets in Asia both in the banking and identity segments. We are proud they chose Tiempo as their preferred semiconductor manufacturer.”

DongHo Park, CEO, SP-Tek, added: “With Tiempo Secure, we are happy to have found a partner which brings a deep semiconductor expertise and knowledge of the European and American smart card markets. The porting of our JavaCard operating system to Tiempo Secure’s chips will allow us to deliver a high performance and high security solution to numerous smart card manufacturers.”

Thanks to their flexibility and professionalism, mid-size companies Tiempo and SP-Tek are best positioned to understand the challenges faced by smart card manufacturers in need of variable volumes of chips.

The United States are getting closer to the “liability shift” that aims at replacing credit and debit cards by smart cards. From October 1st 2015 onwards, the party (issuer or merchant) that does not support smart cards will be made liable for any fraud. As a consequence, the US market consisting in 4.9 billion debit cards and 1.0 billion credit cards[1] is expected to evolve from magstripe technology to smart cards over the next couple of years.

 Cartes America

Tiempo Secure will be demonstrating its solutions on booth #210, at Cartes Secure Connexions America on May 5-7, 2015, in Washington, DC, USA.

About Tiempo Secure:

Tiempo SecureTiempo Secure offers unique chip solutions that perform secure transactions and have unmatched hardware security and speed/power performance in contactless environments. Its first family of secure products, TESIC-SC, is composed of dual-interface secure microcontrollers that target contact and contactless transactions such as banking payment, open loop ticketing and secure identification. Tiempo Secure’s chips rely on an innovative and patented clockless design technology developed by Tiempo. The company is headquartered near Grenoble, France, with a US office in Oregon. More information can be found on www.tiempo-secure.com.

About SP-Tek:

SP-TekSecure Platforms Technology Co., Ltd. (SP-Tek) is specialized in developing Chip Operating Systems (COS) for multi-application smart cards, fully compatible with GlobalPlatform standards. The company is famous with its high level technology that realizes secure, reliable, and high performance products. SP-Tek’s products, SP series, are widely used in the world for payment (EMV), national ID (eID), and transportation cards. SP-Tek has proved its credibility and superior engineering capability in offering all kinds of software solutions (COS, applets, PKI, etc.) for smart cards through its long history. More information can be found on www.sp-tek.com.


Serge Maginot, CEO, Tiempo Secure,

Email: sales@tiempo-secure.com, Tel: +33 4 76 61 10 00

DongHo Park, CEO, SP-Tek

Email: sales@sp-tek.com, Tel: +82 2 566 6722

[1] Source : The Nilson Report