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Tiempo Secure CEO’s presentation on hardware secure enclaves for SoCs

The conference “Hardware secure enclaves: why are they critical for IoT security and what is coming next?” given by Serge Maginot during the Minalogic Business Meetings on May 27th, 2021, is now available. Click on the video below or watch it on

Serge Maginot’s conference includes essential information about Secure Elements and how they are critical for IoT Security, in particular for their resistance against cyberattacks, including state-of-the-art physical attacks such as side-channel attacks. This presentation introduces the benefits of integrated Secure Elements (iSE) for SoCs, as well as the next generation of iSEs developed in the iMRC project (integrated Monitoring & Recovery Components) for which Tiempo Secure has been appointed as one of the winners of the French Government’s Great Cybersecurity Challenge in 2021.

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