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Tiempo Secure introduces TESIC-SE secure element associating high security with low power for the IoT market

Tiempo Secure new TESIC-SE secure element, based on the company’s patented asynchronous design technology, brings the advantages of security, speed and ultra low power consumption of asynchronous architecture to the booming IoT security market.

Grenoble, France – April 3, 2017 – Tiempo Secure, a semi-conductor specialist focusing on high-end secure products, is introducing its new development dedicated to securing the Internet of Things. Designed having in mind the specific security requirements of the IoT markets, the Tiempo TESIC-SE secure element family is built upon Tiempo’s patented fully asynchronous design technology, which combines high security and high speed with ultra low power consumption.

The Tiempo TESIC-SE family is to be used as a hardware secure element in an IoT object architecture. It incorporates all the needed security functions such as secure secret storage/file system, secure Over The Air (OTA) firmware update, and cryptography systems including an ECC hardware accelerator and an AES hardware accelerator supporting encryption and decryption up to 256 bits.

The specific clockless architecture of Tiempo products means they benefit from a very low current consumption level, under 500 nA in sleep mode, leading to a battery life expectancy over 10 years, associated with a very fast switching mechanism between the active and the sleep modes.

The TESIC-SE secure element family is Common Criteria certification ready as it is derived from Tiempo TESIC-SC secure chip dedicated to the banking card segment, which is already certified Common Criteria EAL 5+.

Tiempo Secure TESIC-SE secure element family is already available as IP, to be integrated by chip designers. It will be available as a standalone chip early 2018. Tiempo Secure also provides support services for integrators using the Tiempo TESIC-SE family including chip provisioning, security assessment and certification support.

The Tiempo TESIC-SE family brings a breakthrough solution to the pressing demand for security of the IoT market. Smart Insights, an analyst firm specializing in the secure transactions industry, estimates that the market for IoT security will reach EUR 21.5 billion in revenue for the security solution providers by 2022.

Serge Maginot, CEO of Tiempo, declares: “With the Tiempo TESIC-SE family we bring a complete offer to tackle all market segments from IoT to banking. The efficiency and robustness of our asynchronous architecture ensures all our customers will benefit from design advantages in terms of security, ultra low power consumption and speed.”

Tiempo Secure will be present at SIdO, a major event dedicated to the Internet of Things, in Lyon, France on April 5-6, 2017. Do not hesitate to contact us to set up a meeting.

About Tiempo Secure

Tiempo Secure offers unique chip solutions that perform secure transactions and have unmatched hardware security and speed/power performance in contactless environments. Its first family of secure products, TESIC-SC, is composed of dual-interface secure microcontrollers that target contact and contactless transactions such as banking payment, open loop ticketing and secure identification. Tiempo Secure chips rely on an innovative and patented clockless design technology developed by Tiempo. The company is headquartered near Grenoble, France. More information can be found on


Serge Maginot, CEO, Tiempo Secure,
Email:, Tel: +33 4 76 61 10 00

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