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Tiempo Secure is a winner of French Government’s Great Cybersecurity Challenge – Grand Défi Cyber – to make smart objects more resilient to cyberattacks

Tiempo Secure is proud to have been selected by the French Government for the Great Cybersecurity Challenge (Grand Défi Cyber), to which it will contribute through its iMRC (integrated Monitoring & Recovery Component) project that will make IoT connected objects durably resilient to cyberattacks, thanks to embedded detection and response capacities.

Tiempo Secure, a semiconductor expert specializing in high security products, is one of the eleven companies selected by the French Government for its Great Cybersecurity Challenge (Grand Défi Cyber). Tiempo Secure’s
iMRC (integrated Monitoring & Recovery Component) project, developed in collaboration with the CEA, targets cybersecurity automation and significantly improves the resistance of connected objects to cyberattacks.

The Great Cybersecurity Challenge is part of the EUR 1 billion plan aimed at strengthening the country’s cybersecurity by 2025. The government’s goal is to support French cybersecurity champions and address digital trust issues. Therefore, the objective is twofold: to support the development of the cybersecurity as a sector with a significant economic potential and to guarantee the country its control of essential technologies for its sovereignty. This acceleration strategy includes the Great Cybersecurity Challenge (Grand Défi Cyber) alongside several structuring programs for the sector, such as the actions of the “Security Industries” Sector Strategic Committee and the Cyber Campus; it is fully in line with the planned economic boost in 2021-2022.

Tiempo Secure’s iMRC (integrated Monitoring & Recovery Component) project aims at providing detection and resilience capacities for connected objects, one of the stated targets of the Great Cybersecurity Challenge. The CEA contributes to the iMRC project through its LETI and LIST institutes of CEA Tech, which is the “Technology Research” department of the CEA (the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission).

Tiempo Secure is developing a new type of Secure Element that allows automatic detection of attacks on the object application component, thanks to an automatic connection with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) server. This way, in the event of a cyberattack on a connected object, control of the object can be regained remotely. The certified Secure Element is able to continuously monitor the behavior of the connected object and to take its control in the event of a cyberattack detection. The certified Secure Element also ensures a maximum protection of secrets (encryption keys, data and algorithms). The system put in place is intelligent because it is scalable as it allows to face new attacks thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Serge Maginot, CEO of Tiempo Secure, declares: “We are very proud to have been selected and to bring our expertise to the Grand Défi Cyber. Thanks to the results of the iMRC project, new, more resilient, connected objects will be able to emerge: they will be able to detect and react to cyberattacks still unknown today!”

The 11 winners of the Grand Défi Cyber announced by the government are: Citalid, Harfang Lab, Wallix, Cyberwatch, Oodrive, Tiempo Secure (with CEA), Olfeo, Égérie, Sekoia, MailInBlack and

About Tiempo Secure

Tiempo Secure is an independent SME headquartered near Grenoble, France, founded in 2007, with customers in Europe, North America and Asia. It specializes in the development of intellectual property (IP) in microelectronics and in embedded software for securing connected objects. The company offers a wide range of Secure Elements (TESIC family) ready to be integrated into “System-on-Chip” (SoC) components, and allowing maximum security (Common Criteria EAL5+ certified) of connected components: authentication on networks with integrated SIM, payment (EMVCo), government or private identification, web authentication (FIDO 2), smart car access, communication with autonomous vehicles (V2X HSM).

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