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Tiempo Secure’s DNA is based on 4 sets of values

We embrace 4 sets of values that were unanimously voted by our employees, confirming the strong company culture that prevails internally.

Mutual Support & Teamwork

Our teams work together both on and off the pitch which creates a great level of natural cohesion, resilience, and a strong team spirit. This is extremely beneficial for our customers and their projects as everyone strives towards one unified goal. Our simple organizational structure facilitates permanent interaction between disciplines and inclusion in bigger global projects. We benefit from and promote multicultural and intergenerational collaboration, and our teams leverage this for both their personal and professional development.

Innovation & Excellence

We strive to provide unique Secure IP solutions that guarantee the highest security levels possible to the market. Our roots have always been strongly anchored in the research and development of innovative technologies because Tiempo Secure was founded by engineers who had a vision about the security issues that would need to be solved in the 21st century. Excellence levels increased over time as our expertise level grew, in response to
ever-increasing technical precision levels required by our customers. We continuously endeavor to be one step ahead with disruptive solutions that provide greater trust and added value to stakeholders.

Open Mindedness & Trust

Open-mindedness is a core value that is deeply embedded in our company culture. It has played an important part in our road to success, giving greater meaning and purpose to what we do. Our agile leadership approach coupled with the trust we can place in our diverse international teams, greatly benefits our business. The resulting unbiased approach combined with our willingness to continuously progress, increases the trust levels that stakeholders have in us. Our open-minded mindset has enabled us to gain a better understanding of and ability to successfully manage complex projects for our customers.

Integrity & Kindness

The mutual trust that exists between Tiempo Secure and our partners was gained through the practice of ethical behavior, both inside and outside the company. It reflects the honest transparent approach we take to business. Kindness is the essence of all human relationships and the mutual respect and kindness that the teams at Tiempo show each other positively influences our external relations. We believe in the importance of building simple relationships with our stakeholders and promoting kindness and goodwill for the better of all.

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