Tiempo Secure

Tiempo Secure develops and qualifies high end products to address critical applications requiring faster transaction time, robustness against the environment and higher security.

Tiempo Secure offers a family of secure microcontrollers built around TESIC, a silicon-proven IP platform including a proprietary clockless microcontroller and several clockless crypto-processors. This family of products targets various secured applications such as  dual-interface smartcards for banking transactions, fare transit and ticketing, secured identification documents, secure elements for IoT devices, and DRM applications.  

TESIC-SC designates a set of flash-based dual-interface secure chips. These chips include embedded flash in different sizes and target dual-interface banking, open loop transit fare and e-government documents. Tiempo Secure guarantees its dual-interface chips to execute any transaction at higher speed and with higher robustness, without  compromising on security.

TESIC-SE designates a family of secure elements that address the IoT products having the highest requirements on security and privacy protection. Patented fully asynchronous design technology allows ultra low power modes and fast wake up so that battery-powered devices can operate at the most demanding power conditions.