About Tiempo Secure

Who is Tiempo Secure

Tiempo Secure is the Business Unit of Tiempo SAS focusing on high end secure microcontrollers.


To promote the deployment of new technologies in the digital security world by enabling more efficient and cost effective products.

Management team 

  • General Manager : Serge Maginot
  • Design and Operations Manager: Pierre Muller
  • Security Manager : Marc Renaudin


  • Eric Schettini (Financière Viveris) – Chairman
  • Joël Alanis (Alma Capital Finance)
  • Julien Creuzé (Aster Capital)
  • Serge Maginot (CEO, Tiempo)
  • Henri-Marc Michaud (INPG Entreprise SA)
  • Marc Renaudin (CTO, Tiempo)
  • Marc Villecroze (ACG Management)


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Industrial partners

Public partners