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Security services including custom secure design, chip Common Criteria (CC) certification and setup of CC/GSMA compliant HSM servers

Secure design services

We offer expert-level design and security services to secure customer designs from architectural level to design hardening against physical attacks (side-channel and perturbation/fault attacks),

Common Criteria (CC) compliant design services

We handle in our Common Criteria (CC) certified design center any design service requiring a CC certified design environment, including the merge of TESIC

CC EAL5+ security certification of customer chips

We manage the entire Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ PP0117 or similar (e.g., EMVCo or PP V2X HSM) security certification of customer chips integrating our

Secure personalization of customer chips

We handle the configuration and/or operation of HSM servers that execute customer chip personalization at production/test phase and during customer chip/external flash firmware programming