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TESIC V2X HSM enables vehicles and road-signs to communicate securely with each other’s in order to avoid accidents and create smoother traffic flows

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication enables vehicles and vehicles on one hand, and vehicles and road-signs on the other hand, to communicate with each other. With V2X, vehicles synchronize to avoid accidents and traffic jams, and drivers get alerts about potential dangers in their path, improving road safety significantly. Additionally, road’s infrastructures can create a smoother traffic flow, such as traffic light green waves.

TESIC V2X HSM insures that all information such as traffic light signals, car positioning, and direction of travel are approved and authenticated. TESIC V2X HSM verifies and approves all such traffic information – sent and received – and its senders. It also makes sure that road-signal information has not been tampered with.

Hardware features

  • TESIC secure element IP
    • Enhanced version with Turbo AES accelerator
  • Certified/Certification ready for
    • CC EAL5+ PP0117
    • EMVCo
    • FIPS 140-3

Software features

  • V2X software stack
  • Customer-specific middleware for integration
  • Compliance with protection profile V2X HSM of the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium (PP 2056)

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